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Friday, June 15, 2012

CBSA Releases 2012 Edition of Bioscience Colorado Magazine - Colorado Centers of Excellence: Elevated Thinking
The 2012 issue of Bioscience Colorado highlights centers of excellence within the state, including Cancer, Infectious Disease, Respiratory, Cardiac and Biofuels. The research the writers and experts have compiled for this issue illustrates that there are several components—infrastructure, expertise, industry connections, and patient outcomes. Each article focuses on a center and examines the elements that make it truly excellent.

The new issue also includes:

* Complete listing of every bioscience company in the state

* Annual industry financing and investment overview

* Bioscience Discovery Evaluation Grant Program (BDEGP) update

This publication is an integral part of the Association’s mission to support the Colorado bioscience community through advocacy, resources and advancement of opportunities for collaboration. It reaches thousands of bioscience, economic development, legislative, university and industry leaders.

The new magazine rolls out the industry’s new branding campaign for Bioscience in Colorado: Elevated Thinking. We have some of the top research institutions in the country and over 600 bioscience companies led by the best in the industry—creating the vision and drive to succeed. That’s why so many great ideas that impact the globe start and grow here in Colorado.

Link to the magazine pdf

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

2012 Class of 'Boettcher Investigators' Announced
The Boettcher Foundation Board of Trustees has released the names of the three early-career scientists selected for the third class of Boettcher Investigators in the Webb-Waring Biomedical Research Program.

Timothy W. Schultz, President and Executive Director of the Boettcher Foundation, said "Through this program, the Boettcher Foundation has been able to bring resources to an area where funds are currently lacking and where federal and private research programs provide limited support. Early-career investigators quite frequently have a difficult time securing a first opportunity at an independent research effort that will move them out of the laboratory of their mentors and onto their own new and exciting areas of discovery."

The 2012 (third) Class of Boettcher Investigators in the Webb-Waring Biomedical Research Program includes:
* Harald Junge, Ph.D. , University of Colorado at Boulder, Retinal Vascular Development and Disease

* Matthew Kennedy, Ph.D., University of Colorado – Anschutz Medical Campus, Molecular Mechanisms of Alzheimer's Pathology

* Chad G. Pearson, Ph.D., University of Colorado – Anschutz Medical Campus, Organization of the Microtubule Cytoskeleton for Cell Division and Signaling

With the addition of the 2012 Class, there are now fourteen Boettcher Investigators conducting research in the following Colorado institutions: University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado State University, National Jewish Health and Colorado School of Mines.

Link to the Business Wire release

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Denver Post placement for Bell Aquaculture - Grow: 'FISH FERTILIZER - American Indian planting wisdom'
Quoting from the Denver Post Garden Center - 5/18/12:

"Feed your plants with an organic fertilizer inspired by generations who have lived off the land. The new Fish Rich Organic 2-2-2 Fertilizer is made from processing remains at one of the country's largest yellow perch farms — Bell Aquaculture in Indiana — and approved for organic crop production under the USDA National Organic Program. $8.95 for a quart or $25.95 for a gallon at bellaquaculture.com."

Link to the Product Spotlight
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Blog Product Review - The Suburban Jungle: 'Organic Gardening with Fish Rich Fertilizer... Berries + Fish = Wow'
Quoting Angela Maas in her May 16th blogpost about Fish Rich Organic Fertilizer:

"Last year, I used Fish Rich fertilizer in my garden for the first time. You can read all about the origin of my Fish Rich experience here. I have been gardening for a long time, and I have to tell you that using Fish Rich has changed the productivity of my garden tremendously!

It's almost night and day. Actually, I'm embarrassed by how poorly my garden performed in the past. If you want to see proof - check out the post I wrote last fall titled 'Berries + Fish = Wow!!' Yes, that's a lame title, but it pretty much explains it all! I have never had so many berries. And it didn't stop with last year.

My black raspberries went wild! They multiplied like crazy and are full of flower buds. They basically sat there and did nothing for 4 years straight, now they are all over.

Link to the Suburban Jungle Blog
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