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Better Homes and Gardens Country Gardens – “Organic Fertilizers: Making the world a greener place starts in your backyard” – for Fish Rich Organic Fertilizer -

The Wall Street Journal – “Fish Are Jumping—Off Assembly Line” – for Bell Aquaculture - 

Inc Magazine – “Innovation: A New Way to Fight Germs - Sharklet Technologies' Tony Brennan invented a sharkskin-like pattern that resists microbes” – for Colorado BioScience Association -  

The New York Times – “Many Paths but One Goal” – for Dr. Martha Lucas 

The Washington Post – “What if the Cure is Also a Cause?” – for Baxa Corporation - PDF 

WebMD – “Acupuncture: The New Facelift? Can those tiny little needles really get rid of your wrinkles?” – for Dr. Martha Lucas - PDF    

Woman’s World – “Pain relief at the speed of light” – for Light Force Therapy

Fast Company- Fast 50 Entrant Profile – “Shedding New Light On Pain Relief” – for Light Force Therapy  

Inc Magazine – “Logos That Turn Heads – Are walking, talking advertisements gimmicks or goldmines?” – for CI Host - PDF

Associated Press (including the Naples/Fort Myers Daily News, Cape Girardeau SE Missourian, Amarillo Globe + More) - "Boomers Take Up Hobbies, Explore New Interests" – for Maggie Holben 

USA Today – “Employers’ new measures fight workplace violence” – for Dr. George Cassidy, Crestone Research - PDF

Entrepreneur Magazine – “Class of ‘77” – for Holben Building Corporation - PDF

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